Rwanda Kigeyo Rukundo
Tierras Planas Roasters Rwanda R­2-2019 Coffee Archive

Rwanda Kigeyo Rukundo

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This Light-medium roasted coffee starts off with a very fruity aroma with hints of apple, cherry and caramel and brews a rich and fruity cup featuring notes of apple and caramel and a slight citrus brightness. Most brewing methods make a silky smooth fully bodied cup with a consistency.  This Rwandan coffee is produced under organic production practices and sourced through fair trade practices.

CoO: Rwanda
Region: Rutsiro District
Farm: COOPAC Cooperative,
           Kigeyo Washing Station
Body: Full
Roast Level: Light-Medium
Flavor Profile:  Apple, cherry, caramel, citrus
Suggested Uses: Drip, Pour Over & French Press
Sizes available: 2 lb, 16 oz, 8 oz & 4 oz
Options: Ground or Whole Bean

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