Tierras Planas Roasters-Sumatra –“Tiger”
Sumatra –“Tiger”
Sumatra –“Tiger”
Sumatra –“Tiger”

Sumatra –“Tiger”

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Description: This light roasted Sumatran coffee offers a bright cup of coffee with overall grapefruit acidity and finishes with a slight chocolate and cherry sweetness. Sumatra “Tiger” has a medium heavy mouthfeel and an overall smoothness. This coffee produces a beautiful cup used in drip, pour over and French press brewing methods.

Country of Origin: Sumatra
Region: Dolok Sanguul, Northern Sumatra
Process: Wet Hulled
Body: Medium-Full
Flavor Profile: Grapefruit acidity with a chocolate and cherry finish with an overall sweetness.
Suggested Uses: Drip, Pour Over and French Press
Sizes available: 4 oz, 8 oz & 16 oz

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