Who we are

About Tierras Planas

Our Mission:

To produce the highest quality roasted coffee beans in the most sustainable manner and share a blessing with each person who drinks from them, personally connecting them with the small farms all over the world.

Our Story:

When founder Kerry Mayfield’s job took him on an international journey, he discovered, tasted, and appreciated the many different ways to roast, brew, and use coffee all over the world. After tasting one of the most flavorful cups of coffee he ever had, Kerry returned home to Texas and purchased his own roaster to bring that taste to family and friends. That desire to brew the “perfect cup” of coffee transformed into Tierras Planas Roasters, thus beginning his family’s passion to bless others, bring people together, and reignite a “sit down and visit” culture. Tierras Planas Roasters wants to bring delicious coffee into your home to savor and enjoy, just like the memories you’ll make whilst drinking.

  • Global flavors

    Global flavors

    Global flavors, locally roasted. This means you get to explore flavors from around the world, with the peace of mind your coffee is fresh-roasted by someone local that you can trust!
  • Wherever you are!

    Wherever you are!

    Wherever you are! Tierras Planas Roasters's convenient online portal brings our storefront to the comfort of your own home, office or mobile device!
  • Easy Brewing

    Easy Brewing

    Just because it may sound fancy or complicated, it doesn’t mean the brewing process is. You brew Tierras Planas Roasters coffee just like any coffee! However, cozy couches and friendly conversations are sold separately!
  • Right to your door!

    Right to your door!

    When everything is local, so is the delivery! Out of state? Don’t worry! You can still enjoy Tierras Planas Roasters coffee, and bonus, we’ll bring it right to your door!


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