Costa Rica- From the Tarrazù region

Costa Rica- From the Tarrazù region of Costa Rica, this sweet and tart blend is fruity with a citrus acidity with additional notes of milk chocolate and toffee. It has medium to medium-full body. This washed blend captures the classic characteristics of a Costa Rican coffee, carries no traceability, and is great as pour over and drip.

CoO: Costa Rica
Region: Tarrazù
Process: Washed
Body: Medium to Medium-Full
Flavor profile:
Fruity with a citrus acidity
Milk Chocolate
Great as Pour over and Drip


Ethiopian Adado

This coffee originates from the village (kebele) of Shara in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. It is named after the local tribe, Adado. Several small local farms deliver to the Shara Washing Station.  Yirgacheffe is known for having incredible diversity in flavor and some of the best coffee in the world; the bean was literally designed to thrive in Yirgacheffe’s exact environment. 

Expect notes of floral, berry, chocolate, lemon, and praline pecan, a sweet fruit acidity, and a heavy mouthfeel.  This natural blend has a medium body, and is great as drip and pour over, and good as espresso.


CoO: Ethiopia
Region: Adado Shara
Process: Natural
Body: Medium
Flavor profile: Fruity with a stone fruit acidity,  Mild cocoa, Mild floral , Broad winey background, Sweet
Great as drip and pour over and good as espresso


Sumatra- Pantan Musara

This coffee originates from a mill in the Pegasing district of Takengon from the Aceh region.  The Farmers in this district were recently dislocated by a natural disaster and had to build their homes and farms. The coffee is fermented for 36 hours after being depulped and washed 4 times, then spread into a drying house or raised tables for approximately another 14 days.

This full-bodied and bold washed blend tastes clean, with cane sugar, lemon, chocolate, and grapefruit flavors and a big tart acidity.

CoO: Sumatra – Pantan Musara
Process: Washed
Body: Full
Flavor Profile: Grapefruit, Chocolate,


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