ethiopia – guji
Ethiopia – Guji
Ethiopia – Guji

Ethiopia – Guji

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This Ehiopian Guji coffee is produced under Organic production practices. Balanced and sweet with tart citric acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; winey berry flavors with a delicate floral aftertaste.

Country of Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Guji

Farm: Kayon Mountain Farm

Process: Natural

Body: Medium

Roast Level: Light

Altitude: 1900-2200 masl

Varietal composition: 74110, 74112

Flavor Profile: Winey Berry and Floral

Suggested Uses: Drip, Pour Over, French Press & Espresso

Sizes available: 2.5 oz, 8 oz & 16 oz

(Image and details courtesy of Café Imports)


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