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We love to source great coffees from around the world, highlighting the hard work the farmers/producers, mill operators, and importers have put into bringing the highest quality coffee to the world.


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Featured Coffees

K.a Joben

Caprock Blend

Discover a unique blend of three premium coffees with Caprock Blend. This delightful mix offers a lively cocoa flavor, subtle floral & fruity notes, and a refreshing hint of citrus. Start your day on a cheerful note with our expertly crafted coffee blend.
Richard Bauer

TPR Stout

Our Stout Blend is a preroast blend of three of our best selling coffees and produces an warming cup of Joe. This blend has smooth chocolate, light tobacco tones and finishes with a slight citric brightness. This coffee is great as a drip, pour over, French Press and robust espresso.
Richard Bauer

Nicaragua Esmeralda

Experience the unique flavors of Nicaragua Esmeralda coffee, sourced from the LIFT Project Program. With its natural processing, this coffee boasts a fruity and floral taste that will leave your taste buds delighted. Indulge in a cup of the finest coffee crafted by experts.

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You started your coffee journey in Albuquerque

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Let Us Roast Your New Favorite Coffee

Tuesday is our favorite day at the roastery! It's roast day. Let us roast your new favorite coffee. Whether it's a lighter roaster Ethiopia or our dark roast TPR Stout, you'll find us roasting away each Tuesday. We might roast on Monday or Wednesday, too!  Place your order today and we'll have your coffee headed your way in no time.

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