Office Program

Scenario 1

Standard “Office” Coffee

You provide the standard “office coffee” bought at a wholesale club. The punctual employees wrinkle their noses, but drink it, and murmur behind your back.

The rest escape, on their own search for coffee, and get stuck at the backed up drive thru line at you-know-where.

Scenario 1 Reimagined:

Tierras Planas Coffee Supplied!

You provide the world’s best coffee from Tierras Planas Roasters, straight to the office. Your employees forget their drive thru habit and rush to work, early, to have a cup of amazingness at their desk.

They arrive on time, and the only line around is the circle around the coffee pot, where everyone is team building.

Your employees save money because they didn’t have to shell over $4 for a cup of tolerable. Your employees are in-house, engaged, smiling, caffeinated, bonded, and consider TPR coffee a new raise!

Sounds like a no-brainer to us.

Tierras Planas Roasters (TPR Office) offers weekly, monthly, or quarterly delivery of the world’s best brews, right to your office or house of worship! It’s easy to be the world’s best boss!

How it works:

  1. Schedule a coffee tasting. We’ll bring a few of our best options and host a coffee tasting so your staff can pick their favorites! (Add a coffee cake and you’ve got a party!)
  2. We note the choices and set a delivery schedule!
  3. We deliver the world’s finest coffee to you.
  4. Win as a boss. #BestBoss #EmployeesAreWorthIt

Now Offering Wilbur-Curtis Brewing Equipment