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Home Brewing

Discover the world of home coffee brewing with expert-barista training. Get the best coffee at home, saving money while expanding your skills. Unlock the potential of your coffee brewing skills and elevate your home experience!

Craft Drinks

Want the coffee shop drink without the coffee shop price? Join us as we learn how to craft lattes, cappucinos, soda, spritzers, and crafted teas.

Coffee Pairings....coming soon

Do you want to host a coffee social at home? Not sure what to serve? Join us as we pair sweet treats, savory items, charcuterie, and even cocktails.

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All in all, I would recommend the class to anyone that likes coffee regardless of coffee sophistication. There is so much to learn and the little tricks that were presented has me focusing more on the brewing technique than the bean – of course you have to start with good TPR coffee.
Dan Baze

Our customer

The Craft Drinks class eased my fears of using brewing methods other than the traditional coffee pot.
Kalah Sprayberry

TPR Customer


Space is limited...

Reserve your spot today