Ethiopia Maru (2020)
Ethiopia Maru (2020)

Ethiopia Maru (2020)

This medium roasted, natural processed, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee offers a bright cup with stone fruit acidity with a strong blueberry tone, light grape tones and an overall sugar cane sweetness. This coffee produces a medium to full body in both drip and pour over; while offering a slightly less than full body brewed with a French Press. This Ethiopian produces a very bright and fruity espresso cup with a very heavy mouth feel.

Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Yiracheffe Adado
Process: Natural
Body: Medium
Roast Level: Medium
Flavor Profile: Blueberry, Grape, Lemon & Sugar Cane
Suggested Uses: Drip, Pour Over, French Press & Espresso
Sizes available: 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz & 2 lb

(Photo courteous Genuine Origin)