Kenya Kiambu
Kenya Kiambu
Kenya Kiambu

Kenya Kiambu

This medium roasted Kenyan Kiambu coffee starts with a heavy body and dark chocolate and maple syrup tones and finishes with a sweet citrusy note. Brew as Drip, Pour Over or French Press for a medium-full bodied coffee. 

In Swahili, the word TAMU translates to sweet.

CoO: Kenya TAMU
Region: Kiambu
Process: Washed
Body: Medium-full
Altitude: 1500-1700 masl
Varieties: SL28 & SL34


Flavor Profile: Bright and sweet with dark chocolate, maple syrup, black currant and citrus tones

Suggested Uses: Excellent in Drip, Pour Over & French Press

Sizes available: 4 oz, 8 oz & 16 oz