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I was born and raised in a small East Texas town where there were more trees than people. Although they were few in number, the community played a monumental role in my upbringing. As I grew older and the transition into college was nearing, it was the people I linked arms with who encouraged me to follow my dreams. Even if that meant following my dreams seven hours away to Lubbock, Texas.

As an incoming freshman with my family and friends back in the Piney Woods, this West Texas town felt bare. That is, until months went by and semesters too, and the people who were once strangers started to become my dearest friends. Lubbock was beginning to feel more like home. The people we are surrounded by can change everything for us. True connection brings the feeling of home near, no matter how far you’ve gone.

One part about Lubbock that prompts all of us to fall in love with this town, is the
community-atmosphere. The way local businesses, organizations, and families gather together is like no other. This intermingling of different cultures and backgrounds can be distinctly displayed at the Wolforth Farmers Market. In fact, at Tierras Planas Roasters, we’ve had the privilege of seeing this first hand.

One Saturday in particular comes to mind at the farmers market when a girl, nearly running down the dirt-paved sidewalk announces, “It’s home! Mom, it’s home!” Nearing the booth, she points toward our Ethiopia coffee bag. Smiling, she declares, “This is my home.” As she runs her fingers across the bag, she pauses. The high quality aroma from the coffee bean makes its way into her senses and she can’t help but go back in time. Inviting us into her childhood memories, she says, “You would not believe the coffee there,” but because of our connection with that farm in Ethiopia, we at least had a taste.

A bag of beans, although seemingly insignificant, creates an environment that calls for reflection. This connection creates a common space, an opportunity to taste and bring to life cherished memories. The comfort from home can come from just one cup.

A few months after we met our friend from Ethiopia, a European couple came to our booth at the farmers market. With accents and all, they ordered a cortado. They thanked us and made their way to explore the rest of the vendors at the market. Hours went by and the couple returned. Smiling, the wife said, “We’re from Italy.” Her husband smiled too, and they explained, “This coffee. It took us back. One sip of this, and it is as if we are sitting at a cafe in Italy.” “We have been here for a few years and have not tasted that since we moved.”

At Tierras Planas Roasters, it is more than just a product. It’s home. It connects
small-town-kids like me with others from all across the world and allows for true friendships to be created. Discover the familiarity of our coffee and embrace the memories that are in the making by sharing a cup with those around you.

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