What happened to Dr. Kerry #CoffeeGuru’s hair?

CoffeeGuru Haircut Kerry Mayfield TPR

If you have seen Dr. Kerry #CoffeeGuru over the last couple of years, you might have noticed a lengthening ponytail coupled with a receding hair line. The last time I had my hair cut was in November 2017 (ironically the same time frame of my last dark soda: Coke, Dr. Pepper, etc.). At the time, avoiding sodas was very intentional; however, growing my hair out was something I stumbled upon.

I was traveling quite a bit during this period,  and that kept me from my barber. After a few missed trims,my hair started to lengthen (and my forehead started to grow, thanks to genetics passed on from my mother. Love you, Momma!) I figured with the loss that was occurring, I could make one effort with my hair and grow it solely for a donation.

At the time, there were a couple of things I did not know:

  1. Who would I donate my hair to? There are quite a few places that take hair with restrictions (no grey, no white, length = x inches). Some of these seemed overly restrictive to me as my sides are going grey and white. (Thank you, Daddy. Love you too!).
  2. Then came the length! How long would it take to grow my hair out to 12 inches? I have never kept my hair longer than about 3 inches (except in high school when, at one point, it was about 6”). How long would it take? How long would it take? LONGER THAN I THOUGHT!

I kept it going, worked through negative comments, tangles, and learning how to manage lengthening hair. Negative comments often turned positive when I explained why I was growing my hair. Donations. People respond very well to donations, though some were still not able to get past the stereotypes of what hairstyles should be.  I hope some who remained negative towards growing out hair for donations actually read this.

Fast forward 2.5 years of roasting coffee, supplying some of the best coffee in west Texas, learning the ways of a new career and business, AND growing my hair. Learning curves have been steep in some of these, including how to manage a lengthening mane. Conditioner works great! Fine tooth combs, not so much! Windy springs in the South Plains meant tangles galore! How do you get knots out quickly? Thinking about my hair, my respect for all who manage long hair has grown considerably as it is a lot to manage.

When I decided to cut my lengthening locks, I felt the need to return to the barber shop that trimmed my hair while I was an undergraduate at Texas Tech and who has been trimming my hair while we lived back in Lubbock. Alamo Barber Shop is an old-fashioned barber shop, working on its third generation of barbers.

We love being able to support organizations that support children: The Texas Boys Ranch, Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise, Those Crazy Etheridges and now Wigs For Kids. I pray the wigs that include my hair help kids suffering through hair loss related to medical treatment gain a sense of confidence and maintain a level of structure in their lives.

As far as Dr. Kerry #CoffeeGuru’s hair, well my barber Pete had a hard time believing it would be another 2.5 years to cut my hair again. I will take all advice and suggestions to help my hair grow faster to make another donation. When you see me at the Wolfforth Farmer’s Market or other event, don’t be surprised to see the long hair now short. But rest assured, the plans are for it to be long again!

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